Course Information

This programme is at the leading edge of UK sporting advancements, providing a truly inspirational experience for students that engender a spirit and camaraderie that creates a wave of success for those being selected to be part of the 2-year programme.

The sporting aspect of the experience for players offers them the consistency of high quality coaching through a structured training syllabus combining technical, physical and psychological development associated with player advancement. This will be complimented with SAQ programmes delivered by accredited professionals that are specifically designed for players to consistently improve match and training performances.

The education curriculum is fully aligned to individual’s choices of personal study within a core framework, delivered by qualified teachers within the recognised school framework, with lessons complimenting the structured training schedule.

The sporting facets of the academy are both varied and numerous throughout the 2-year programme.

Units (Mandatory)


Level 1 1st4sport Award in Coaching Basketball

Observation, portfolio and written examination

Level 1 Award in Basketball Referee

Observation, portfolio and written examination

Level 1 Award in Basketball Table Official

Observation, portfolio and written examination

Entry Criteria:

With this unique programme expected to generate high levels of interest, a benchmark level of educational attainment and playing potential will be used to secure a place within the academy. The entry criteria is set out below which, whilst not being fixed, provides an indicative view that can be explored on an individual basis where necessary:

Educational attainment – minimum 5 GCSE grades A-C which should include Maths and English.

Player potential – this will be evaluated and assessed through a combination of designated training sessions and game time.

The attitude and aptitude of individuals will also form part of the final selection criteria. These are vital components as the overall commitment to the programme requires concerted effort across both spectrums throughout.