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We appreciate that deciding what you want to do with your future is never easy, so we have compiled a selection of resources that should help you to expand your knowledge and hopefully make it easier to discover the right career for you.

No single resource will give you the answers you are looking for, so take the time to use all of these resources and talk to the Academy's All Age Careers Lead, Katy Tibbles and you will soon find there are lots of options open to you.

Career Resources



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What is it?

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National Careers Service


The National Careers Service is the number one careers resource in the UK. It offers resources, support, guidance, and impartial advice to people of all ages and is completely free!

You can use it to get personalised, expert advice on qualifications, next steps, and your future plans.

National Citizen Service


The National Citizen Service is a fantastic opportunity for students aged 15-17. The scheme offers students the opportunity to spend their summer, autumn, or spring holidays taking part in adventure weeks with their friends. This is a really popular scheme and well worth a look.

To take on an amazing opportunity to develop new skills, see new places, meet new people, and add something very impressive to your CV.

National Apprenticeship Service


The National Apprenticeship Service is the UK’s number one resource for apprenticeships. It is a government backed organisation that seeks to help people to understand and find apprenticeships.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship then this should be your first stop. You can find out more about what is involved in an apprenticeship, speak to someone for advice, or even find apprenticeships locally. The database is updated daily so check back for new opportunities.

Hospitality guild

HG sq_tcm30-37605

The Hospitality Guild offers information on the types of careers you can have in hospitality. It also provides useful resources such as hints and tips from experts and opportunities to search for current vacancies.

You can use it to explore the different fields and careers open to you in the field of hospitality, find out more about what is involved, and even find current job opportunities.

Careers World

Careers world logo

Careers World is a great resource for anyone who wants to plan their next steps. It provides information on jobs, job sectors, current opportunities, and courses.

You can use it to learn more about the opportunities that are out there, the jobs that could be right for you, or even apply for a vacancy.



Icould is a really useful way to find out about the jobs people do by listening to their experiences. The website features interviews and short videos with people from a range of jobs and one 5 minute video could tell you something about your own future.

Use it to find out what jobs are out there, what’s involved in different areas of work, and what people like or dislike about their jobs.

Careers Box


Like Icould, Careers Box provides you with video insights into people’s roles and careers.

Use it alongside Icould to find out what people like about their jobs and what you might like or dislike in future.

Bright Knowledge


Bright Knowledge has been set up by the brilliant Brightside group to provide you with information about different careers, job sectors, and opportunities.

Use it to learn more about the opportunities that are out there. It’s possible that the perfect job for you is out there but you don’t know that it exists; websites like Bright Knowledge can help you to discover it.

Career Camel

career camel

Career Camel is an easy to use, free resource to help you to explore the options open to you in future.

Just follow the steps and the guidance of the ever-smiling animated camel to take the next step towards understanding your plans for the future.

Careers Advice For Parents


It’s not just young people who worry about their future careers; parents can be just as worried about their children’s futures as they are! Websites like Careers Advice For Parents aim to provide parents with information and support so that both students and parents alike can focus on future options.

Parents and guardians can use this website to gain a better understanding of the options available to students and the ways in which they can support their children.

Parental Guidance

parental guidance

Like Careers Advice For Parents above, Parental Guidance aims to help parents to understand the options available to young people.

Parents and guardians can use Parental Guidance alongside other resources like Careers Advice For Parents to better understand the options available to young people.

Young Enterprise

young enter

Young Enterprise provides opportunities for ambitious young people to develop their ideas and abilities through challenges and information.

Use it to find opportunities to show off your skills or build on your ideas!

Young Start Up Talent

young start

Young Start Up Talent is an incredible opportunity for young people aged 16-25 to build on their ideas in business. Your idea can be in any sector or area and the scheme offers you the opportunity to take part in their competition and win £50,000 of funding and support to launch your business!

Use it to take a chance on your ideas and to try for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Kent Choices 4 U


Kent Choices 4 U is the central place for information on courses and apprenticeships within Kent.

Use it to find out about your options after school and to apply for new colleges or apprenticeships when you turn 16.


plot 2

Plotr is a hugely popular resource. It is designed to help you to plot your journey to your career and to explore new areas of work and study.

Use it to find out more about different jobs and careers and to begin planning your future.



Support Resources

If you are ever in need of support or opportunities you can always approach any member of staff within the Folkestone Academy; help will not be far away. If you’d like to look into support for yourself or someone else, then the resources below are just some of the many that are available in Shepway.



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What is it?


  16+ provides support for young people leaving care, and can make a difficult time slightly easier. You can email them at [email protected] or call on 01233 645942.


Centrepoint Centrepoint can help you if you are thinking of leaving home. They offer guidance and advice and it is all completely free. You can visit their website or contact them on 0207 426 5300.


Childline Childline is a free helpline for young people in trouble or danger; it provides confidential counselling and advice and can put you in touch with the people who can help if you are experiencing difficulties. They are open 24 hours a day and can be contacted on 0800 1111. If you are a young person living away from home and in need of extra support then you can also contact Childline’s specialist department on 0800 884444.

Citizens Advice Bureau

CAB The Citizens Advice Bureau can help you to resolve issues and concerns and to understand your legal rights. They provide free and impartial advice on everything from housing to debt. Find them in the Folkestone Library on Grace Hill, Folkestone, or contact them on 01303 249310. 


Gingerbread Gingerbread provides support for single or young parents and can help make difficult times easier. You can contact them on 02074 889300 and visit their website at


Homestart Homestart offer support for families with children under 5, or for young and teenage parents who are finding parenthood difficult. You can contact them on 01303 244836.

Kent Disability Information Service

Disability support If you’d like information on or advice about disabilities then call free on 01303 226464.


Mind The Mind Centre provides support for anyone who is experiencing or has experienced mental health problems. Call them on 01303 250090 or visit their website.

Red Cross Youth

Redcross The British Red Cross offers great opportunities for young people to get involved and gain experience and qualifications. If you’d like to volunteer, meet new people, and gain qualifications in areas like first aid then pop in to see them at 41 Station Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4AY. You can also call them on 01303 277195.

Shelter – Kent Housing Aid

Shelter Shelter can help you to find solutions to housing problems and give you advice that could really help. Call them on 0808 800 4444. You can find them online at

Shepway Youth Hub (Five)

global43 Pop in to visit them for support with anything from finding work to overcoming personal challenges.  You can find them at 5 Grace Hill, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1HA.

The Jobcentre

Jobcentre If you or a family member are looking for work then the Jobcentre is one of the best places to start. There may be financial support and coaching available to help you or your relatives to find work. Pop in to see them at Palting House, Trinity Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2AE or call them on 01303 713700.

Young Carers Support

kyc-final-logo-rgb Young Carers Support offers support to carers under 18 and provide advice, information, and a chance to relax. Contact them on 0300 111 1110.

Young Person’s Clinic

global43 ‘Choices’ is the young people’s health clinic and gives support and confidential advice on relationships, sex, and contraception. You can find them at the Folkestone Health Centre at 15-25 Dover Road, Folkestone. Their opening hours are Thursdays and Fridays 3:30-5:00pm. You can also call them on 01303 228850 or 01303 228849.