Dress Code

Post 16 Uniform:


In the Sixth Form students must dress formally, as if for professional or formal office work. Sixth Form students' clothes must be smart, modest and safe. Students must avoid displaying extremes of fashion.



Smart trousers

Formal jacket or blazer

Collared shirt


Leather shoes


Leather shoes (no high heels permitted for health and safety reasons)

Skirt (with tights)/Dress/Trousers (skin - tight dresses, skirts and trousers, including leggings are not permitted)

Formal jacket or blazer

Blouse or shirt


Trousers must be smart and plain. Jeans, tracksuits, leggings, cords and casual trousers will not be allowed.

Skirts and dresses

Skirts/dresses should be of modest length, no shorter than just above the knee. Skin - tight clothing is not suitable for school.


Shoes must be appropriately practical and sensible. Heels of medium height, if robust, are acceptable. Stilettos, trainers, opentoe or open back shoes, canvas shoes, flip-flops, sliders and Ugg type boots will not be allowed.

The following applies to all students (Years 7 - 13) :


Expensive Personal Items

Students are advised not to bring expensive item(s) onto the Academy site or take on a school visit. Responsibility for any such item(s) remains with the owner. The Academy is not insured for loss, damage or theft of students’ personal possessions.


All Academy students are expected to wear their hair in a smart and tidy style, as they would be expected to within a business environment. Extreme hairstyles such as Mohican, back - combed styles and patterns shaved into hair are not permitted. Hair must be natural in colour. Boys should be clean shaven.


If students have their ears pierced they can wear plain studs only in the earlobe.

Medical Alerts

Students who wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace are permitted to wear the alert but items must be worn under the uniform. The nature of the alert must be communicated to the Student Welfare Officer and the student’s Head of Year. During PE lessons a ll alert items must be removed for health and safety reasons and given to PE staff for safekeeping in the valuables box.

Make - up, Jewellery and Accessories

· All forms of jewellery including piercing retainers, facial piercings, tongue and other bodily piercings

· Personal artefacts such as braidings and wrist and ankle bracelets

· All forms of permanent or temporary tattoos

· Girls in Year 7 and 8 are not permitted to wear make - up

· Any make - up worn by girls in Year 9, 10 and 11 should be discreet

· Acrylic nails and nail varnish are not acceptable

The following items are not permitted:

· Sandals or any shoes with an open toe, open back or decorative accessories.

· Trainers, unless participating in sporting activities.

· Canvas or suede shoes or plimsolls

· Boots

· No heel higher than one inch

Mobile Devices (see also section Expensive Personal Items)

Mobile phones (all phones brought into the Academy must be switched off and at the bottom of the bag. If found it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. Students are not permitted to take photographs of any kind in the Academy). Please refer to the Acceptable Use policy (signed upon admission).