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Dress Code

Folkestone Academy and The Glassworks

As a member of the Sixth Form you will be treated as a young adult and will not be expected to wear a uniform. However, as you are continuing your education at the Folkestone Academy where younger students are present, as well as parents and other visitors, we expect your appearance to reflect the high standards that we set for the lower Academy and staff. Our expectation is that you will dress smartly as if for work and in accordance with the following guidelines:

Male Dress Code

  • A dark business suit or tailored jacket
  • A shirt with a collar
  • A tie (tied high enough to cover the top shirt button)
  • Smart trousers
  • A v-neck jumper may be worn in addition to (but not instead of) a jacket

Female Dress Code

  • A dark business suit or tailored jacket
  • Smart trousers/skirt (preferably knee length or longer)
  • A shirt or other smart top with appropriate sleeves and neckline (no T-shirts, low cut tops or exposed midriffs)
  • Vest tops are NOT allowed


BLACK smart, appropriate footwear is required (no trainers or flip-flops)

N.B. Health and Safety regulations do not allow students taking practical subjects to wear open toed footwear.

Other Items

Outdoor coats and scarves are not to be worn around the Academy sites

Denim/leather/jeans are not allowed

Facial piercings are not permitted

Extremes of fashion are not acceptable in an Academy with younger students

The Academy reserves the right to decide what is considered appropriate

Put simply: Your manner of dress should not draw attention to yourself or have the potential to cause offence to either the frequent visitors to the Academy or the members of staff whom you rely on to teach you and write your references.

No extreme styles (or colours) of hair, jewellery or make up are permitted. The only visible piercings are to be for earrings.

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