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The Glassworks

In the Summer of 2013, The Folkestone Academy reached an agreement with The Creative Foundation to take up the tenancy of The Glassworks in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter from September 2013. The Glassworks Sixth Form Centre offers a dedicated learning environment for the Academy’s growing Sixth Form.

The new site helps to relieve pressure in space at the Academy’s main building and provides a setting where older students can study in an independent and relaxed environment. Currently the Academy teaches 240 post-16 students and this is expected to rise, placing further strain on the space available. The Glassworks Sixth Form Centre frees up considerable space at The Academy, which is itself oversubscribed, and will help provide a bridge between secondary education and higher education and employment.

With the relocation, there also comes an opportunity to further develop the dynamic and vibrant partnership that has been established with The Creative Foundation. Folkestone’s Creative Quarter now benefits from the presence of an education-focused community of young people, supporting local businesses and venues. With over 70 courses on offer covering a variety of Level 3 subjects there is plenty of potential to engage with the Creative Foundation and its tenants.