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A highly qualified staff team will guide and support you through the Sixth Form. The team can help with just about every issue, from making friends and liaising with teachers to job applications and choosing the right university courses. This team is based in the Glassworks Sixth Form Centre and includes:

Mr Himbury, Head of Sixth Form

For interviews determining entrance into courses or course changes.

Mrs Moore, Receptionist

For making appointments with the Sixth Form team and for advice on travel concessions and bursaries.

Mrs Bezuidenhout, Guidance and Care Manager

For pastoral issues, guidance, and advice.

Miss Jenkinson, Careers and Higher Education Adviser & Tutor

For advice about employment and university choices, support in finding and applying for work or further study.

You will also have the support of your Sixth Form Tutor, with whom you will meet regularly throughout the year to discuss current affairs, Sixth Form activities and your progress towards course targets.