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Rose Bruford Drama Workshop

Student story: 

2 May 2017 marked the beginning of a new perspective into theatre for me, I experienced a 2 hour workshop from Rose Bruford which was physically tiring but emotionally and mentally enlightening.  My initial perception of the workshop was that it was going to quite ‘posh’ and to an extent place a divide between the Rose Bruford workshop leader and my ensemble because of what I assume to be our differing social status. However, that was not the case it was the most innovative and exciting 2 hours of my life and I was extremely invested in the concept presented. The workshop leader, Pat, started off with a short introduction where she asked us for our names and future plans- I found this action extremely heart-warming because she was trying to get to know us and that divide between us shrunk. It was an exhilarating experience as we begun playing a game which prompted our thinking abilities and patience as well as teaching us to control our adrenaline.  The workshop concluded with a session where Pat assisted us with our monologues and how to present ourselves during auditions. I learned that posture and my pronunciation is extremely vital because it portrays my confidence and excitement to actually be onstage and they are my redeeming features. It was an extremely new and insightful experience that overwhelmed me with vigour, enthusiasm and a new and profound love for the theatrical arts.

Oreshia Thomas, Year 13 Glassworks Student

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