Key Stage 3 Computing

The KS3 Computing Curriculum provides students with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to confidently engage with information communication technology (ICT) as an efficient tool to support and enhance learning.  It also looks at some of the huge range of uses of ICT outside of education.

The computing learning plan consists of seven topic areas.  We begin our journey by examining the hardware and software that make up a computer system and how they communicate together. We then look at ways that we can use technology safely and responsibly: this covers a range of e-safety topics including how to protect online identities and privacy. After this initial topic we then move on to understanding simple Boolean logic and how computer instructions are stored and executed.

Our other topics include:

·         Computer games design and creation

·         Graphics creation and manipulation

·         Website design and development

·         Python coding

Term 1

Using Computers Safely, Effectively and Responsibly

Term 2

Understanding Computers

Term 3

Kodu Programming

Term 4

Graphics Editing

Term 5

HTML Coding

Term 6

Python Coding and Programming


For more information on the KS3 Computing Curriculum please visit Computing Curriculum