The English Mastery Approach

The English Mastery programme has been informed, delivered and refined by expert English teachers from across the country.. In addition to teacher consultation, four pedagogical pillars combine to drive student progress. Each pillar is rooted in the latest cognitive and educational research.

A cumulative, knowledge-rich curriculum develops students’ ability in English.

Students will appreciate some of the most important authors and texts in English and read with sophistication and accuracy.

Discrete grammar teaching improves precision and accuracy in students’ writing.

Students have an improved command of academic language and can express themselves with precision, confidence, and clarity.

Systematic instruction of tier 2 vocabulary

Students are empowered to read and write sophisticated texts with precision, confidence and clarity.

Using standardised, norm-referenced student work improves accuracy in assessment. 

Students develop the resilience, self-confidence and ambition to act on feedback.

English mastery