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Hear from Riley 2017

What Primary School did you go to?
My primary school was Christchurch CEP Primary Academy.
How did you feel on the Induction Day?
I had mixed emotions before starting in September. I was nervous about moving to secondary school yet excited because I knew all my friends would be there too.
What is it like being a Year 7 at the Folkestone Academy?
I enjoy learning something new each day and thrive on working towards new objectives and reaching my targets. Break times give me the chance to speak with friends old and new and to enjoy the delicious food on offer!
What is your House like?
Mr Fountain and Mrs Punnett are incredibly kind and supportive – They always take the time to listen to me and advise me about making the right decision. I visit house regularly and am confident that everyone in Foale House wants the best for me. I’m incredibly proud to be a member of Foale House – the best house I can assure you!
What are the Academy Values and how do you show these during the day?
Folkestone Academy take school values to a new level. We’re all encouraged to ‘Live with Joy, Choose with Courage and Succeed with Ambition.’ I certainly feel that I demonstrate these values in my own learning; in literacy I am courageous when sharing my work and am proud to say that I am never scared reading aloud to the class as we all support one another. Challenge is certainly present in PE too where I am now successfully improving my agility within the Post Running Challenge. In fact, Year 7 to date has been a complete joy, well other than tidying up after activities in Art – talk about a mess!
What is your favourite part of the day at the Academy and why?
PE is the highlight of my day – I love all types of sport including football, basketball and trampolining; recently, I learned how to perform a seat landing twist, straddle and pike – It’s amazing to be so high off the ground! Mr Fountain, my PE teacher & Head of House, always challenges me to work harder and better still, rewards me with credits for achieving the learning objective!