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Folkestone Academy Sixth Form students enjoy continued success

University offers accepted at Queen Mary’s London, Bristol, Southampton, Brighton and local universities including Kent and Canterbury Christchurch amongst others

Real improvement in reformed, more challenging vocational subjects



Year 13 students at Folkestone Academy have again achieved success in their A level and BTEC qualifications. Sixtystudents have gained a place at the university of their choice, with confirmed places at universities including Bristol, Southampton and Brighton.


In academic A level subjects, the Academy has enjoyed continued improvement at the highest grades, with 34% of our students achieving one or more subjects at A* - B. Students performed particularly well at this higher level within the Art section of the Academy (Fine Art, Graphics and Photography). Across all subjects a quarter of our students achieved A* - B or equivalent. 


Our vocational subjects continue to go from strength to strength at Post 16, with all courses now following the reformed, more challenging format of Applied General and Tech Level subjects, unlike many of our competitor schools. The average grade achieved across the year group is a high Merit, with 43% of students achieving Distinction or higher in Applied General subjects (e.g. Business, Sport, ICT, Health and Social Care amongst others).


Students continue to progress to a wide range of universities on courses that reflect their passions and will also secure future employment. Congratulations to our students who are now going onto study at the universities of Bristol, Southampton and Queen Mary’s London  (Russell Group), and Brighton, Portsmouth, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Canterbury Christchurch. Courses include Business Management, Psychology, Ecology and Environmental Science, Early Childhood Studies / Primary, American Studies, Fine Art, PalaeontologyCriminology and Law, Filmmaking, Music, and Tourism and Hospitality Management. 


Students are also taking up roles in the RAF and the Police.


The following students are amongst our star performers:

● Mia Gridley - History (A), Drama (Double Distinction*), English Literature (B) 
● Sophie Rogers - Business Studies (Distinction), Law (Distinction), Sociology (B), English Literature (C)  
● Shannon Green - Sport (Double Distinction), Law (Distinction), Business Studies (Merit) 
● Talia Pritchard - Health and Social Care (Distinction*), Business Studies (Distinction), Sociology (B)
● Samuel Lilley - ICT (Distinction*), Business Studies (Distinction), Media (Distinction) 
● Megan Davis – Media (Distinction), Photograph (B) and Film (B)



Wesley Carroll, Secondary Principal said,


These results reflect the considerable hard work and commitment of our students: what they have achieved this year has prepared them well for the next exciting phase of their lives and I wish them all the very best in their future endeavours. We are all incredibly proud of them.”