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Academy Revision Programme Helps Students

The exam season can be a daunting time of year for students especially trying to revise for a number of exams at the same time.  Staff at Folkestone Academy have been complying an intensive revision programme to support Year 11 students through the month long process. Activities includes intervention sessions, breakfast revision workshops, an extensive resource based website and a collection of revision videos have been strategically planned to help students create an effective revision schedule.

Mr Cave, Head of the Science department, has been live streaming on YouTube for biology, chemistry and physic for students to watch in real time, allowing them to ask questions throughout the hour and half long filming.  Over 400 students have watched the videos leading up to their exams. Plans are in place to film a further three revision videos in June to cover the second phase of exams.

The Academy’s English department has recorded English lectures for Great Expectations and Romeo and Juliet in preparation for the English Literature exam. Again these videos were uploaded to YouTube to allow students to watch in their own time and revisit their revision notes made over the past few months.

The Maths department has been leading a number of intervention workshops with students to pinpoint areas where they feel they need extra support in understanding subject areas.

All videos can be watched on the Academy’s YouTube Revision channel: