What is Shine?

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SHINE on Saturday started in 2001 in London and since then has expanded this programme to offer support to other regions now running 22 projects in London, Manchester and Folkestone. We believe that hands-on teaching, using creative innovative techniques is the best way to turn around struggling students experience of school. Our Saturday projects do just that, helping teachers identify gaps in their students’ learning and helping them fulfil their potential and gain confidence.

SHINE combines hands-on, exciting learning with outside trips and creative lessons that expand and enrich the national curriculum. Behind the fun, there is a clear focus on improving attainment and raising aspirations. Students who were underperforming end up improving rapidly, regularly exceeding expectations.

What Ofsted reports say:

Ofsted reports at several schools have described SHINE on Saturday as “imaginative”, “effective” and “good value for money”.


Further information about the SHINE Trust can be found via the following link:  www.shinetrust.org.uk/what-we-do/shine-saturday-programmes/