The Folkestone Academy is committed to promoting equality.

Our curriculum-related objectives and action plans relating to pupils who have "protected characteristics" (including sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment and pregnancy or maternity) are:

Objective 1 -  To ensure that both genders are making equally good improvement towards achieving at least 3 levels of progress whilst  in primary education.

Action Plan - Pupil Progress is actively monitored by gender and any issues are addressed by Senior Leadership.

Objective 2 -  To provide students who have Additional Educational Needs with the same opportunities as their peers so that they experience a broad variety of educational opportunities.

Action Plan - AEN pupils are actively encouraged to participate in a wide range of educational activities. An annual report on opportunities, visits and achievements is presented to the Trustees by the Principal.

Objective 3 - To monitor any racial incidents and put positive measures in place to resolve these incidents and continuously maintain and improve harmony.

Action Plan - Any racial incidents are recorded, investigated and monitored, with restorative justice an important factor in rehabilitation. Positive emphasis is given to inclusion and positive attitudes through class work, assemblies and special events.

Additional Objectives and action plans may be added in due course.

Promoters of Equality


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