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New Technology Launch at Primary Academy

Starting a new year and at a brand new school, pupils at The Folkestone Primary Academy have welcomed a new technological introduction to their classrooms.  Every child from the youngest in the Kindergarten phase up to the oldest in Year 6 received brand new iPads to enrich their learning.  All children in Key Stage 2 aged from seven to eleven have been given their own iPad which is based in the classroom. Children in the Kindergarten, Foundation and Key Stage 1 have received year group sets to share between classes. All iPads have specific Apps loaded to them which are relevant to each particular year group.

This introduction has enabled new learning opportunities within the classroom, supporting many areas of the curriculum, including the application of Literacy and Maths skills along with creative and technical skills. Apps have been installed to compliment traditional teaching but offering an innovative and fun perspective.  Teachers have all been trained by experts from Apple and are increasingly confident about using iPads to enrich children’s learning, offering increased opportunities for personal learning with activities matched exactly to their level of skill and ability.

Mr. Alastair Boniface, a Senior Leader and Year 4 teacher at the Primary Academy is discovering how useful the new iPads are in complimenting the more traditional  teaching methods: “The iPads have opened up a whole new world for my class, providing them with opportunities to be more creative with their work.  We have an App called Puppet Pal which enables children to create unique shows with animation and audio in real time: recently they have created stories with an African theme.  We also have a Maths app which is used side-by-side numeracy learning; particularly with sum calculations - it adds an element of fun while learning.”

When the iPads were introduced all pupils were given a presentation on their responsibilities of how to use the iPads, how to manage storage, charging them and how to care for them.  Every device has been fitted with suitable durable cases to match the age of the child, for example in the Kindergarten the iPads have been fitted with tough, durable cases which protect them if dropped, while the older years have been given simpler cases to protect the screen.

Miss Louise Chantler, Head of School at The Primary Academy, comments: “Children are unbelievably excited about using their iPads across the Curriculum. Collaboration and team work skills have been encouraged through cross-curricular project work using Apps including Morfo and Moviemaker. Children’s learning is personalised and pitched at the level best suited to individuals, for example when completing Maths challenges and quizzes.”