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Progress Updates for Primary Academy New Build

There is now the opportunity to watch the new Folkestone Primary Academy come to life over the next 7 months.  Via the Primary Academy website there are regular updates detailing what building work is currently taking place and pictures of the site.  The new building has an innovative design showcasing three circular buildings which mirror the Senior Academy’s architecture, which is next to the new building.  With an inclusion of a large Sports Hall, the complete are will be light and airy and fitted with the latest teaching equipment.  There will be a strong emphasis on outdoor learning and creative play with the very best playground equipment to be installed.

Using the bespoke learning areas, plans will be in place to introduce classes of 20 pupils instead of the traditional 30 pupils.  This will allow teachers and supporting staff to give them the best educational opportunities.

Visit and click on the heading "New Build" to watch this wonderful building come to life.