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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Introduced into Academy

Two pupils from The Folkestone Primary Academy have been selected to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to support children who feel they are experiencing bullying at school.  Ten year old Jacob Spearpoint and Evelyn Herzog will be working alongside The Folkestone Academy Ambassadors, Sare Firat Gracia and Shay McGuire, to make pupils aware that if they are being bullied and do not feel comfortable speaking to an adult, then they can speak to one of the Ambassadors.

In January, The Folkestone Academy created the Anti-Bullying group of students.  They took part in a programme provided by The Diana Award which is supported by the Department of Education.  The programme delivers tools to support students to feel confident, motivated and inspired to stamp out bullying.  The training gained from the programme has now been passed on to the Primary Academy Ambassadors by Sare and Shay. The Primary Ambassadors will present assemblies throughout the year to ensure that pupils know who they are and their role as Ambassadors.

Louise Chantler, Head of School at the Primary Academy, comments: “Children in Year 5 applied for this important position, understanding the roles and responsibilities. We do not tolerate bullying at our school and these Ambassadors will help to ensure that all children in our school remain happy and confident.”