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Mark Making and Early Writing Event

On Tuesday 31st March Kindergarten and Year R shared a learning together event.   Parents met in the main hall where Mrs Grimmett and Mrs Coughlan shared information about how they can provide excellent opportunities for their children’s early writing.  The stages of writing development were talked through before the benefits of WriteDance, which strengthens and develops core muscles and aids preparation for writing. 

The children then joined their parents for a session of WriteDance before everyone moved down to the classrooms where a wide range of activities were laid out showing the progression from mark making in Kindergarten to writing in Year R. 

Parent comments following the event include:

"It has been very interesting attending the WriteDance event and seeing how the children begin to learn to write."

"We will be trying some of the activities at home."

"I found the event helpful and it’s good to hear new ways to encourage and be creative with writing.”

“I really enjoyed seeing how the children are encouraged with mark making to help with their writing.”

“My son often mentions about WriteDance at home and it was really good to see him do it at school.”