Folkestone Primary Kindergarten for children aged 2, 3 and 4

Thank you for considering Folkestone Primary Kindergarten for your child. The privilege of working with your son or daughter is one we appreciate. Not only are we very enthusiastic about offering excellent learning opportunities for every child, but we are committed to their wellbeing and happiness.

What we say about Folkestone Primary Academy is equally true for our Kindergarten; children come to our school to be happy and successful. A particular focus in our Kindergarten relates to putting language at the heart of learning, helping children to explore the magical world of words through stories, rhymes, role-play, social interaction, outdoor and indoor play, and specific teaching .
We are committed to every aspect of your child’s development, and you, as the parent or the carer, have the best knowledge and understanding of your child. I hope that you will feel encouraged to work in partnership with us, so that together we can give the best that we can to the children.
The world is, and should be, a wonderful, exciting place when you are two, three or four years old. 
How lucky we are to be part of their world!